May 11, 2009
This brilliant trailer for upcoming Nick Magazine Avatar comics was assembled by comics writer, Alison Wilgus (that's her and her husband doing the voices in the beginning). It plays off the killer videos the show's creators made for past Comic Cons. The trailer made its debut this past weekend at Anime Central as part of the "ATLA: Beginning and Beyond" panel organized by

Featuring the art of: Justin Ridge, Elsa Garagarza, Johane Matte, Gurihiru, and Tom McWeeney...and of course awesome music by the Track Team!

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July 08, 2008
Somehow, I was asked by the school's alumni department to be in a new commercial for the School of Visual Arts (even though I'm still paying off my school loan!)

It's 1 of 3 videos focusing on different graduates, directed by Hillman Curtis. My scene was shot in my favorite comic shop, Rocketship, (which is co-owned by fellow SVA alumni Alex Cox) and my wife, Raina (who I met at SVA) also makes a cameo.
The kid I'm talking with is the director's son who was showing off his sketchbook of original comic characters!

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