June 06, 2007

Just in time for the excitement of the new Transformers movie...
John Green and I will be debuting the 7th issue of Teen Boat at the MoCCA art fest on June 23rd.
It’s the first new issue since we won the Ignatz Award for best debut back in 2004! Where the hell did the past 3 years go!? Oh yeah, we got married! (not to each other!!)

To help celebrate the new issue, we are serializing the original 3 issues over on webcomics nation. This is the first time it's been collected on the internet in it's entirety--for free!

And extra cool is that the first few pages are in color for the first time ever!

"I love the Teen Boat mini-comics. It's a teenager that turns into a boat. Now, that's a million dollar idea!"
-James Kochalka

Also be sure to friend Teen Boat's MYSPACE page, which features great rock songs inspired by the boy who is a boat.


5:10 PM