The only candidate that combines the angst of being a teen with the thrill of being a boat.

Teen Boat is running for class president of Dockside Highschool. He believes he can make a real difference in the lives of students like you. Unlike Harry Cobbs (his opponent), Teen Boat is not a football jock or the guy known for throwing all the big parties with the beer and the older women. Okay, so maybe that guy IS really popular and has a lot of friends but can he turn into a boat? No.

Teen Boat can and will. For you! He is a man of the people. Teen Boat has been helping students and giving them rides all along the coast. The good kind of rides, that are fun and don't leave you feeling shortchanged. Not like Harry Cobbs who will "take you for a ride." Just ask any of the people who served with Teen Boat in the Yacht Club. They will tell you first hand, that he is good guy and won't float a bill just for his own benefit. Unlike his opponent, Teen Boat won't ignore the average kids and give unfair advantages to his upperclassmen cronies. He'll protect the environment of after-school activities, making sure jerks who don't appreciate culture aren't taking advantage of them just so they can stay on the team. Because that ruins it for everybody.

So when election time comes don't just vote for the popular kid because you think he'll win. Vote for someone who you actually would want to sail you through the rough waters.

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